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What Is PinotReport?
“Buy” Advice on Western Pinot Noir...

PinotReport is written exclusively about Western Pinot Noir. Available by subscription in either online or print formats, PinotReport is written for people who love Western Pinot Noir -- California, Oregon, New Zealand specifically -- and want to keep up on the latest new wines. Winner of the James Beard Foundation Award for Best Newsletter, PinotReport is more than just a collection of wine reviews. It’s also about the lifestyle surrounding Western Pinot Noir. Each issue features the latest news, articles on Pinot people and wineries and travel-oriented content.

PinotReport is more than just another wine-review newsletter. My fascination with great Pinot Noir is as much about the people involved in making the wine, the wine regions and the foods that match well at the table—in short, the lifestyle surrounding the wines.

Regional Focus. I’ve defined the regional focus as “West of Burgundy.” PinotReport will cover Pinots from California and Oregon primarily, but will also include the best wines from other New World areas such as New Zealand and British Columbia.

About Me: Greg Walter, editor and publisher...

My name is Greg Walter and I am the writer, taster, editor, publisher and chief wine glass washer for PinotReport.  This newsletter is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. For me, it’s a logical next step in my 35-year personal and professional journey in wine and food.  That journey began in the late 1970s while I was in college in San Diego studying for a journalism degree. I was working a part-time job as an assistant manager at a liquor store that just happened to have a great wine selection.  The store manager encouraged me in 1980 to apply for a job as an editorial assistant at the then-small San Diego-based wine newspaper called The Wine Spectator.  I took that job and began a 14-year career with Wine Spectator magazine, rising from editorial assistant to senior editor and ultimately serving seven years as the magazine’s president.

Since leaving Wine Spectator in 1994 I have been a writer on wine and food as well as a publishing and content consultant for several publishing organizations through my consulting firm, The Carneros Group.  I also co-authored, edited and published my first book—on the history of the Chalone Vineyard and the Chalone Wine Group called “Chalone: A Journey On The Wine Frontier” (Carneros Press, May 2000).  All along I have continued tasting and learning about wine in general and Pinot Noir in particular.  I’ve traveled and tasted through the major West Coast Pinot Noir regions and have a passion not only for learning more, but also for telling people like you about what I’ve learned and tasted.

Greg Walter, editor, PinotReport

Tasting Philosophy...

We taste wine in small blind flights with no more than 12 wines in a tasting session and no more than one tasting session in a day. While all scores are finalized before the wines are revealed, wines are usually kept open for a day or more to see how the wines develop. Additional commentary may be added based on this, but scores are not changed.

All tasting unless otherwise noted is done blind by the Editor. Other tasters may participate, but their scores and comments are not part of the official tasting record. The tasting coordinator (who does not taste) arranges and bags all wines, which are then scored and comments recorded before bags are removed. Duplicate wines are inserted in tastings to measure consistency.

Our tastings are done under controlled, consistent conditions. We do not under any circumstances use tasting notes from large tasting events or other sub-optimal tasting venues in our published, scored tasting reports.

Wine Ratings...

The wines we taste are rated using a 100-point rating system. We fully understand the ongoing debate over the use of the 100-point system and while we respect the right of those who simply despise the system to continue to do so, we believe that the scale has value when used with the accompanying tasting notes as a relative guide to wine quality that has the added benefit of being familiar and truly intuitive for most consumers.



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Issue No. 109
Release Date: 2/29/16

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