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What Is PinotReport?
It's More Than Just Wine  Reviews...

PinotReport is more than just another wine-review newsletter.  My fascination with great Pinot Noir is as much about the people involved in making the wine, the wine regions and the foods that match well at the table—in short, the lifestyle surrounding the wines.  Here’s what you can expect in upcoming issues of PinotReport:

  • Regional Focus:  I’ve loosely defined the regional focus as “The West.”  PinotReport will cover the high-end Pinots from California and Oregon primarily, but will also include the best wines from other New World areas such as New Zealand and British Columbia.

  • News:  “2001 is best vintage ever in this Pinot region…”  Short, to the point reporting on news and events of interest to consumers as well as the trade.

  • Features:  “What changes are in store as the guard changes at a long-time Sonoma Valley Pinot producer…” Profiles on the key people and wineries in Pinot Noir.

  • Interviews:  “A prominent former Sonoma Coast winemaker talks about his new project…” Wide-ranging discussions with interesting Pinot people.

  • Tasting Reports:  “Tasting an Oregon winery’s 12 vineyard designated wines from the 2000 vintage…” Each issue will contain two tasting reports; each might be a vertical tasting, multiple producers from the same vineyard or an exploration of a region.

  • On The Menu:  “A warming winter dinner for Pinot…”  Each issue will present an original menu designed specifically for matching with Pinot Noir by chef and fellow Pinot Noir lover Michael Dotson, chef de cuisine at Evvia Restaurant in Palo Alto, California.

  • Travel:  “The best Pinot wine list we’ve ever seen…”  Where are the best places to stay and eat in Pinot Noir country?  As we travel the West in search of the best in Pinot Noir, we will report on our favorites.

  • Events and Release Calendar:  PinotReport will compile and maintain a calendar of consumer and trade events as well as winery release schedules here on

So maybe all of this is sounding pretty good to you so far—but you’re probably asking yourself, “hang on—who is this guy and what makes him such a Pinot expert?”

“Hang On—Who Is This Guy?”

My name is Gregory Walter and I am the writer, taster, editor, publisher and chief bottle (and wine glass) washer for PinotReport.  This newsletter is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. For me, it’s a logical next step in my 23-year personal and professional journey in wine and food.  That journey began in the late 1970s while I was in college in San Diego studying for a journalism degree. I was working a part-time job as an assistant manager at a liquor store that just happened to have a great wine selection.  The store manager encouraged me in 1981 to apply for a job as an editorial assistant at the then small San Diego-based wine newspaper called The Wine Spectator.  I took that job and began a 14-year career with Wine Spectator magazine, rising from editorial assistant to senior editor and ultimately serving six years as the magazine’s president.

Since leaving Wine Spectator in 1994 I have been a writer on wine and food as well as a consulting editor and publisher for several magazines through my consulting firm, The Carneros Group.  I also co-authored, edited and published my first book—on the history of the Chalone Vineyard and the Chalone Wine Group called “Chalone: A Journey On The Wine Frontier” (Carneros Press, May 2000).  All along I have continued tasting and learning about wine in general and Pinot Noir in particular.  I’ve traveled and tasted through the major West Coast Pinot Noir regions and have a passion not only for learning more, but also for telling people like you about what I’ve learned and tasted.



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